John Tomlinson
I’ve been working in the entertainment industry for over 25 years.
I started out playing bass at 11 in the garage of my best friends house. Funny thing about that, we were all “paperboys” for the local news paper. Should have named the band that...
I ran a recording studio that started back in 1979 which evolved into a CD and Lazer Disc brokerage that replicated over 1000 titles.
I found film and video production as my second passion in 1986 and produced 2  full length features that were actually distributed (did I say produced? I did everything except cook the spaghetti!!) You might recognize “The Soup Nazi”. He starred in my films!
As the digital age crushed my old analogue world (as it did for most of us), I vowed to learn all there is to know about these new file based technologies and began creating motion graphics in After Effects and using Final Cut Pro when they were in their infancies.
Now, I teach Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and Logic Pro; when I’m not creating something using the software for clients. I’m certified by Apple and Adobe (yep I really do know the software) to instruct classes.
I also consult on a variety of post production work flow scenarios like the P2 and RED ONE file based cameras.
Some of my clients are: Carson Entertainment Group (remember Johnny Carson), YAMAHA, ALL4DVD (training center media consulting), MAXXDIGITAL (RAID specialists), OCEANWATCH (full on sports post production specialists), MODERN MEDIA (every infomercial know to mankind) AND PARIS BY NIGHT
About me Keep clear What I used to look like 35 years ago!
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